Med School Resources

A survey of the top study resources for the first two years of med school.

There are hundreds of resources available to help you study with new one popping up every year, so it’s important to narrow in on the best. Here is a short list of the best resources I used during the didactic portion of med school. I cover various approaches to learning: review texts, memory palaces, video lectures, spaced repetition software, physical note cards, and more.

Tactical Test-Taking Strategies

Lessons learned from taking thousands of multiple choice questions.

Med school is all test after test after test, and so a little over a year into it and I’m noticing some patterns. Here are simple strategies that brought order to chaos. While most of this is from med-school tests, the principles apply to nearly all multiple choice exams.

Grad school: What I wish I did

You're only stupid enough to get a PhD once. Here are some lessons learned the hard way.

I should admit from the start that I didn’t do all of these. If you could manage to do them all, you would be a rock star. These are things I wish I did, in some cases saw others do. Some ideas might resonate with you, others might fall flat. Grad school is a time to find your own path.

What do I use?

A list of tools I use daily to work efficiently, stay focused, and keep organized.

The right mix of tools can save you hours a week, or cost you hours. I’m always looking for better ways of doing things and new ways of getting leverage. Here are lists of the hardware, software, and services I use daily.

Top Students: What do they do differently?

What separates you from someone that's doing better than you? What do they do differently with their time? Do they know something you don't know?

True story: Two students go to the library Saturday morning right when it opens. Instead of enjoying the beautiful weather, both students work hard until the library closes. Here’s the kicker: they put in the same amount of time but I bet they likely each learned very different amounts of material. Same input but very different output.

What drugs are you on?

Medications are a key part of taking a patient history.

While I never say it the way the title has it, here’s some tips and tricks I’ve learned to get all the facts.

Wikipedia Tricks

Wikipedia can be a little clumsy to navigate. These three tricks will enable you to read articles more efficiently by simplifying the interface, streamlining image viewing, and enabling pop-up link previews.

Free medical dictionary for Microsoft Office

Getting tired of seeing red squiggly marks under your diverticula and granulomas? Install a free medical dictionary for Microsoft Office.

Hide the side panel in Google Slides

Ever want to close that slide panel in Google Slides so you can get more screen space? This bookmarklet will do the trick.