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You have two main options for sound output that you're going to have to get setup before you can use this document:

Once you have either of those setup, you can move on to using sound in your programs and converting *.Wav Files for use on the TI86.


Before you can start, get the following parts:
  1. Fixed-frequency Piezo Element
    Cat.#: 273-064 at
  2. 2.5mm Phone Plugs (2)
    Cat.#: 274-289c at

Head Phones

This is very simple. All you need to get is one part:
  1. 3.5mm Mono Plug to 2.5mm Mono Jack In-Line Adapter
    Cat.#: 910-0772 at
Just plug one end into your TI86's link port and, at the other end, plug in the head phones you want to use.

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