Miscellaneous Instructions

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There are four small instructions that are very handy but I can't really categorize.

Compliment Carry Flag - Inverts the carry flag.
ComPLiment accumulator - Inverts all bits in a. If a was %11001111 then it would now be %00110000.
NEGate accumulator - If a was 2 then it's now -2. See the Two's Compliment Section.
Set Carry Flag - No real reason but just thought I'd tell you. Maybe use it for return conditions on routines, like if there was an error during the routine, it would set the accumulator, then the user could see if there was an error by checking the carry flag.
LoaD (de) with (hl), Decrement bc, Increment de and hl, and Repeat until bc is zero. It's basically a block copy. It copies bc size to copy (amount of bytes from hl to de).
	ld hl,source_code
	ld de,destination_code
	ld bc,source_code_end-source_code

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