Programs, Routines, and Include Files
Name Description Download Author
Link86 ACZ's own link routine. A hack of linkrout.h. Assembly Coders Zenith
MemSee The ultimate hexadecimal memory viewer! MemSee let's you swap both ROM and RAM pages, a feature lacking in almost all hexviewers. Jump to addresses in memory using the Function keys or type in an address to go to. After exiting MemSee, it retains the address you left off at, the RAM page that was swapped in, and the ROM page that was swapped in. A must for all programmers! James Malcolm
Write Back Routine to copy data like highscores back into the actual program's data. Jonah Cohen
CrtStrng Fast generic String Variable Type creation program. Andreas Finne
Include Set of incorporated include files Clement Vasseur
Includes All basic include files. A must for every programmer. This contians the include files from Pat Milheron from TI. Compilation
TI86 Monitor Command line driven system monitor. A must for anyone working with the TI86's memory.
Steve Gordon
Assembly Studio 86 version 3.1 By far the best development environment for the TI86. It contians the setup program. A must for all programmers. Jeremy Goetsch
Hex Viewer View hexadecimal and ASCII representations of programs on the TI86. John Kempen
destroy Find out what registers are modified during calls. James Malcolm
flagtest Find out what certain code does to every z80 flag. James Malcolm
AtoF Converts a string of numeric charicters into a Floating Point Binary Coded Decimal number. Joshua J Seagoe
Demo 86 Texas Instruments' own demo program to show off the functionality of the TI86. Texas Instruments
FindPixel Find the address and bit offset in the Video Memory from a given pair of coordinates. Clem Vasseur
Find Pixel Routines A collection of Find Pixel routines all zipped up. Compilation
Grayscale Routines A collection of grayscale routines all zipped up. Compilation
Blitz Gray A fast grayscale routine with almost no flicker. Dux Gregis
Key Test Hit a key and it'll print the keycode in hexadecimal for you. James Malcolm
Link Routines One of the oldest link transfer routines out there. Pascal Bouron
Rascall One of the most graphical Shells available. Matthew Shepcar
Addiction Check out this game in the works. It's the newest Drug Wars type game to hit the scene. Many names are those of classmates. James Malcolm
Telemark Assembler Commonly known as TASM this is one of the fundamental tools for assembling z80 code. Included in all versions of Assembly Studio. Thomas N. Anderson
TI86 Assembler Include File The generic include file for TI86 programs. Texas Instruments

Name Description Download Author
Pointers List of custom menu pointer values. Benjamin Setton
86 Custom Menu Pointers Information on the making your own customized menu pointers for the Custom Menu and how the TI86 works with menus. Andres Garcia

Name Description Download Author
Multi Key Test An example of how to use Port 1 to check for multiple keys being held down at once. James Malcolm
Temp Memory Save temporary variables in the free memory directly following your program. James Malcolm

All file sizes are in bytes. Routine sizes are calculated by counting actual code used, where as program sizes are calculated by what is viewed on the Memory Delete Screen in TI-OS.

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