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Break Points

#define BREAK	call _getkey / call _clrScrn / jp _JForceCmdNoChar
_JForceCmdNoChar	=$409c	;exit to ti-os even
				; if we still have some
				; pushes/pops on the
				; stack
				;restore stack
				;don't print "Done"
#include ""
.org _asm_exec_ram
	call _clrScrn
	call _FlushAllMenus	;get rid of all active menus
	call routine_being_tested
	jp _clrScrn		;clear screen and ret

	call get_keypress_input	;get key input [up] [right]...
	call move_player	;move player sprite
	BREAK			;pause for key press
				; and exit no matter what
				; so we can see how things
				; are up to this point
	jp animate_monsters	;update and move all
				; "monsters" in game

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